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Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal weights are designed for vaginal tightening. Life events like childbirth and aging are contributing factors of weakenedmuscles. Therefore, we understand the importance to strong vaginal tightening. Our engineers designed a product that uses vaginal weights to tighten the vaginal canal. This exercise system can be used in the privacy of your own home or while traveling. This innovated product uses kegel weights and a special designed cone to assist users in performing the correct exercise technique.

Vaginal Tightening Exercises with Vaginal Weights

vaginal exercises

Some woman have low self-esteem when it comes to their vaginal area? Does your sex life suffer? Weak muscles could be the root of your problem? Vaginal tightening with our vaginal exerciser can strengthen your pelvic muscles. Hence, reinvigorate your sex life. Many women are in the same situation. Vagacare®’s professional team of engineers includes women like you. Besides, they designed the product to help women just like you. Once you’ve purchased your set, you to can learn the right vaginal tightening techniques.

How to Get the Right Vaginal Tightening Technique

If you haven’t ordered your VagaCare® exerciser yet, order now. Bookmark this page for future reference. If you have a VagaCare® set, you’re ready to proceed. Exercising with kegel cones for tightening the pelvic muscles correctly is very important. By the way, If you’re not doing them right, there’s no point in doing them. Therefore, below are some tips for getting the right technique.

Three Simple Steps

vaginal steps

First, relax your stomach muscles and imagine you’re sitting on a toilet urinating. Try squeezing the pelvic floor muscles while you breathe. However, don’t squeeze the buttock muscles. Additionally, nothing above the belly button should feel tense.

Second, tighten your muscles squeezing and lifting inward. If you don’t feel the muscle contractions, change your position until you feel them. Furthermore, if sitting isn’t working, try standing up or laying down. Also, you can place a finger in the vagina and squeeze. Feeling pressure on your finger helps locate the correct muscle.

Third, You’ve now done a contraction. Relax the muscles before starting the next contraction. It’s not uncommon for this to take time. Most women  have difficulties  learning the right techniques. Some women try too hard. Hence, putting stress on the buttock muscles. Don’t squeeze the buttock while exercising. Focus only on the pelvic muscles.

Vagacare®’s exercise equipment is highly recommended by professionals. Vaginal Tightening cones are very effective devices. Thereby, strengthening the inner core muscle group. They are a “must have” for women suffering with weak pelvic muscles. Don’t hesitate any longer. Buy your VagaCare® exercise system today and reclaim yourself.

Health Benefits of VagaCare®

vaginal weights health benefits

  1. Sexual Pleasure:
    Vaginal tightening can increase orgasms and intensify sexual pleasure. Contracting and pulsing the
    vaginal canal or clitoris can increase arousal for both sexes. Especially, designed to help women and their sexual partner.
  2. Urinary Control: In the first place, pelvic floor muscles are responsible for stopping and controlling the flow of urine. Weakened muscles cause bladder control issues. In this case, internal muscles lose their strength if not exercised. Exercising with kegel cones for vaginal tightening is recommended by health professionals and physicians, worldwide.
  3. Vaginal Muscle Tone: Prolonged inactivity is one reason for loss of vaginal tone. Incidentally, a woman’s vaginal canal can weaken during or after pregnancy and menopause. For women who don’t masturbate, the loss of vaginal muscle tone can also be a factor. By the way, having a daily routine to exercise using kegel cones help restore these muscles.
Why Pelvic Floor Muscles are Affected & How Vaginal Tightening Helps

Subsequently, women wonder how this happens. Well, we understand. This is a very touchy and private subject for most women. Poor pelvic muscles can be affected by a variety of things. For example, below is a list of situations that can affect your muscles.

  • Particularly, overworking or not keeping them active
  • After, Pregnancy and childbirth
  • As a result of, chronic back pain
  • Coupled with, straining or constipation
  • Including, Menopause
  • Being obese or having a (BMI) over 25
  • Injury to the pelvic region
  • Heavy lifting
  • Chronic sneezing or coughing
  • Growing older

VagaCare® exercise system can control and train your pelvic floor muscles. VagaCare® is the best exerciser on the market today. It’s backed by Medgo®’s 100% money back guarantee. Medgo® has the best customer service department using there online email response forms. Medgo®’s vision has always been to help people with quality products that actually work. Buy your VagaCare® exercise system right now! Your pelvic floor muscles are just like other muscles in your body. Regular exercises with our kegel cones can improve vaginal tightening.

5 reviews for Vaginal Tightening – VagaCare Vaginal Weights

  1. Tracy

    I love these cones. I got these when I was in my mid 30’s. Every-time I would laugh I would leak urine. I was so embarrassed. After doing some research I discovered VagaCare. I ordered them and started using them 5 days a week. These work and no more leaking! I recommend these over many other brands as they are very easy to use and you can exercise while washing dishes or doing your skincare routine. Very convenient!

  2. Beth

    I must admit I was skeptical when I saw the advertisements for VagaCare products. With so many companies just out to make a buck, I wasn’t sure whether I could trust Medgo. I was pleasantly surprised by the speedy response I got to my first inquiry. The representative was so friendly and helpful – she made me feel comfortable right away! I am now Medgo’s number one fan, and I have made my friends believers, too! Thank you, Medgo. I am so grateful for the big improvements to my life as a result of the VagaCare line.

  3. Sharon

    “I highly recommend this product.” What an awesome experience in the way i now feel down there! With the different size weights, you can alternate sizes from morning to night making it easier to use if your muscles are tired from your daily activities.

  4. Vicky

    Something every woman should experience using. This product gave me romance back. It’s so easy to use, I started with the first weight and still from this day haven’t used them all. Amazing results quicker than expected after three weeks. Use them twice a day.

  5. Margaret

    I was so disappointed when my VagaCare package was damaged in shipping, but Medgo didn’t let me down! As soon as I called, they made it a priority to get a replacement to me immediately. I had such a wonderful experience with the company that I decided to join the family. I am now a VagaCare independent distributor! Thanks to Medgo, I have improved my pelvic muscles AND increased my income!

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