Kegel Cones Frequently Asked Questions

Inserting your Kegel Cone

kegel weights correct placement

Kegel cones are similar to using a tampon. Most of all, the string stays outside the body for easy removal. Push the kegel cone into the vagina between the pelvic muscles. All kegel cones should have a contour design to stay correctly placed once inserted inside the vagina. Egg shaped cones or weights in most cases are to large and difficult inserting. Slipping up and down is most important for proper motion. Only the string should remain visible. Pelvic muscles are exercised by keeping the cone from slipping from the vagina. Therefore, it sits right at the edge of the vaginal walls after insertion.

Choosing the correct weight

kegel weights sizes

Your kegel weights can be used in a variety of combinations for individual needs. Women start by using the cone only. Then, add weight in small increments as you build muscle tone. However, some may use all of the weights right away. It’s not needed. Remember, use the set based on your unique situation. The manual provided provides helpful guidance in planning your program.

Kegel Cones Exercising positions

exercise positions

While you can certainly exercise sitting or lying down when necessary, the maximum benefit is received by using your kegel cones standing upright. Gravity works with you to strengthen the muscles as you hold the cone in place. This allows the cone to drop as you relax. Now, it takes your muscle control to move the cone back up. Do this regularly!

Best Exercsing Time

Kegel cones can be used any time of the day and anywhere. We recommend choosing a dedicated period for exercising. If possible, exercise in the morning while your fresh. Using the product during daily activities may cause overexertion. Also, if night time is your selected time, don’t over due it. The muscle may tire easily due to your everyday activity’s.

Pain During Exercise

painful exercises

While it’s not uncommon to have some muscle aches when you first start. Why? this is similar to any exercise regimen. But, any extreme discomfort is a signal that you must stop exercising immediately. Visit or contact your physician before resuming. However, don’t confuse dryness with pain. A slight ace or two is OK as long as it doesn’t persist.

Using After Child Birth

Discuss exercising with kegel cones to your physician before you begin using. Once your doctor determines that you are fully healed, you can begin rebuilding your pelvic muscles. In most case, your Doctor in early stages of child birth might recommend using kegel cones. This can help with pain and delivery while giving birth. Don’t be afraid to speak with your OB/GYN. If you don’t ask you don’t know!

Having Vaginal Ddryness

vaginal dryness

Kegel cones, absolutely can be beneficial for women with vaginal dryness – simply wet the cone before use. Use a water-based lubricant. Take your time while inserting. Don’t over lubricate. Doing so, may make it difficult for you to hold the cone in the vagina while exercising.

Seeing Results Using Kegel Cones

pelvic muscle results

Each individual is unique, and everyone has specific results they are seeking. After reaching your goal or desired muscle tone, you can reduce the frequency of use. However, in order to maintain the benefits, we recommend an ongoing routine once or twice a week. Resume a more structured program more often if weakening of the muscles return. (Unable to hold the heaviest weight in place.)

Maintaining your Kegel Cones?
maintaining kegel cones

Clean your Kegel Cones before and after each use. Treat them gently, avoiding contact with harsh or abrasive cleansers. Best to use antibacterial soap with no perfumes and dry with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. Also, be sure to clean the storage case after each use before storing.

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