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Question: How do I care for the unit?
Before your first use, be sure to clean the vaginal cones and kegel weights thoroughly, and then do so again after each use. Treat them gently, avoiding any contact with harsh or abrasive cleansers. Your product can be washed with warm water and perfume-free anti-bacterial soap for best results. Dry with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. All vaginal cones and vaginal weights should be stored in their specially designed carrying case to ensure they are protected from dirt and damage. 

Question: How is the cone inserted?
Using VagaCare cones is similar to using tampons. The string stays outside the body for easy removal, while the cone is placed inside the vagina.

Question: How do I choose the correct weight for my body?
The kegel weights included in the VagaCare set can be used in a variety of combinations to address individual needs. Many begin by using no vaginal weights at all, and then add them in small increments as muscle tone increases. Some use all of the vaginal wwomeneights right away. The important thing to remember is that your program should be customized to your unique situation. The manual provided with the product provides helpful guidance in planning your program.

Question: How will I know when the vaginal cone is in the right place?
VagaCare cones have a special contour design to stay correctly placed once inserted inside the vagina.  Only the string should remain visible. The pelvic muscles are exercised by keeping the cone from slipping out, so proper positioning might still give the sense that the cone is not properly situated. This is perfectly normal. 

Question: Can I exercise in any position, e.g. sitting, standing, and lying down?
While you can certainly exercise sitting or lying down when necessary, the maximum benefit is received by using your vaginal cones and kegel weights standing upright. Gravity works with you to strengthen the muscles, as you hold the cone in place, because its tendency is to slide down.

Question: What is the best time of day to do the exercises?
While you can use the VagaCare system any time of day, we recommend choosing a dedicated period to do the exercises, so that your muscle tone builds gradually. Using the product during daily activities may cause overexertion.

Question: Is it normal to have pain during exercise?
While it is not uncommon to have some muscle aches when you first start the program, similar to any exercise regimen, any extreme discomfort is a signal that you must stop exercising immediately and see your physician before resuming. You have likely started this regimen, because you are experiencing weak muscle tone in the vaginal area. Expect a 4 – 6 week time frame for the pelvic muscles to strengthen.

Question: I just had a baby. When can I start using the VagaCare system?
Discuss this exercise regimen with your physician before you begin use. Once your doctor determines that you are fully healed, you can begin rebuilding your pelvic muscles using the program.

Question: Will I be able to use this program if I have vaginal dryness?
VagaCare can absolutely be beneficial for women with vaginal dryness – simply wet the cone before use, or add a water-based lubricant. 

Question: How long will I have to use the program before I see results?
Each individual is unique, and everyone has specific results they are seeking. Once you have reached your goal muscle tone, you can reduce the frequency of use. However, in order to maintain the benefits, we recommend an ongoing routine once or twice a week. Should you find that your pelvic muscles are weakening and/or you are unable to hold the heaviest weight in place, you may wish to consider resuming the more structured program.

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